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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZekCard and how it's working?

ZekCard is an online virtual prepaid Mastercard card provider. Few steps to go online with us, just 1. Register 2. Add Fund to your account 3. Order and Load your card 4. Use your card anywhere online.

Why I need to use ZekCard?

Our virtual prepaid Mastercard card can be use anywhere online, such as with Google, Facebook, Amazon, For PayPal Verification, Ali Express, Etc. Therefore you need to use our cards for your business for purchasing Goods and Services online.

Can I reload (top-up) or withdraw fund from my card?

Yes, we offer reloadable card, you can reload your card at anytime and also withdraw fund from your card at anytime, reloading and withdraw fee is very little depends on your card type.

How to turn OFF/ON (Freeze) my card transaction to more secure it?

You can (Freeze) Enable and Disable your card transactions, just by clicking on OFF/ON on your card dashboard. We recommend you to use this feature to more secure your card.

Does Google and Facebook Ads are accept my Card?

Yes, our virtual cards are accepted by Worldwide companies and websites, you can use your card with Google ads, Facebook ads or may with any other company, where US virtual Mastercard cards are accepted.

How to deposit fund to my account?

Just login to your account and go to Deposit Page select any payment processor, at the moment we accept Visa/MasterCard, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoins.

How much is deposit fee?

Deposit fee is depend on the deposit method you are using, there is 5% fee on Visa/Mastercard. 14% fee on Perfect Money and Payeer. $1+10% fee on Bitcoins. This Fee is not fixed we can increase or decrease it at anytime.

How much is card loading fee?

Card loading fee is depend on the Card type, Silver card loading fee is $1+5%, Gold card loading fee is $0.75+5% and Business card loading fee is $0.25+5%.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of card loading?

$5 is the minimum loading of all cards and maximum loading of Silver card is $20, Gold card is $50 and Business card is $100.

Can I withdraw fund from my card?

Yes, you can withdraw fund from your card to your ZekCard account at anytime with little fee, withdraw from Silver card fee is $0.10+2%, from Gold card fee is $0.10+1% and from Business card is $0.05+1%. Please note, you can't withdraw or refund from your ZekCard account.

How much cards I can create and can I delete my card?

You can create unlimited cards. Yes you can delete your card at anytime, any fund found in your card will be lost, please withdraw fund from your card before deleting it. Once the card deleted cannot be undo.

Where is my card CVV?

On the Card Summary page click on card to view card back-side and cvv.

Where is my card details?

Go to all cards page and click on your any card Summary to view full details of that card (Mobile users please move your finger on the screen to view Summary option if you can't see it), you will also see Card Load, Withdraw From Card, Card Statement, Delete Card etc, on the card Summary page.

Where I can't use my card?

Our virtual cards are restricted for use on some sites, we've listed a few of those merchant categories below. Money transfer sites e.g. Moneygram, western union, WorldRemit etc. Digital Gaming and Sports Betting Sites e.g. Paddybet, Draftkings etc. Dating and escort services e.g. Pornographic sites, Onlyfans etc. Teleservice & Telemarketing sites (healthcare products, beauty products etc.). Private loan shacks and forex sites. Giftcard & bitcoin sites. Video rental sites and merchants.

What is card type and location?

Currently our all cards are USA virtual Mastercard cards with United State billing address.